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Dachshund Information:
Coats, Patterns & Colors

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According to the American Kennel Club. or AKC. the Dachshund is friendly. curious. smart, vivacious. and spunky. Originally bred to hunt badgers. the Dachshund is One Of the most recognizable breeds. AKC points Out that because they have the bark of a big dog (not yappy) and are brave and stubborn. they “make fine watchdogs. but also love to give and receive affection. Dachshunds are recognized in two sizes, miniature (less than Il lbs.) and standard (16-32 lbs.) Dogs in the middle (11-16 lbs.) are called “tweeners.” Coats come in three varieties. Long Haired. Smooth Coat and Wire Haired. These coats and colors provide for more combinations Of Dachshund than any other breed.
Here at Daisy-Hill. we have dogs in Smooth Coats. Long Haired Coats. 8-13 lbs.


There are three different coat types of Dachshund: smooth, long haired and wire haired. Smooth-coated dogs have a shiny. short coat. A Long Haired is sleek. but may be wavy. These dogs often have the longest part of their coat on their ears. front of the chest and neck. Their fluffiest part may be their tail, which AKC describes as “a veritable flag” in show dogs. Wire Haired surface coat is bristly and rough to the touch. Breed standard dictates they are groomed short throughout the body while maintaining a distinct beard and eyebrows.

Patterns & Colors

There are Six Coat Patterns: one-colored, two-colored, piebald, dapple, rindle, and Sable. We do not have photos of the latter two colors as Daisy-Hill does not breed these colors. Brindle refers to “black or dark stripes,” and Sable refers to dual-toned hairs that cause dark shading to overlay the red coat, according to the AKC Breed Standard.

One-Colored & Two-Colored Dogs

There are Six Basic Coat Colors called self colors: Black and Tan. Black and Cream. Chocolate and Tan. Chocolate and Cream. Cream. and Red. This means that many Dachshunds have two self-colors. Cream and Red are the single-colored dogs. However, many of these colors may also have a bit of white on the chest. As you will see below. These colors combine with pattern variations to produce quite a variety of of appearances


Piebald dogs have clearly defined patches of white. They may have the same cream or tan points as their non-piebald counterparts. Their ears are colored, and their heads are primarily colored.


The AKC describes dappled dachshunds as having lighter-colored areas on a darker base color, which gives the dappled areas a speckled appearance. A Dappled dachshund may have white on his chest and blue irises.

Black & Tan, Black & Cream

Black & Tan is one of the original colors of Dachshund. The base or “self” color is black, and the muzzle, feet, chest, and under the tail are all tan. They also have two tan areas above their eyes, making these dogs look very expressive. These lighter areas are called “points.” Black and Cream show the same pattern, except of course, that the cream accents are lighter than tan points. Appearing black. without chocolate or cream points is uncommon as genetically they are Black and Tan but fail to show the accent color.

Chocolate & Tan, Chocolate & Cream

A Chocolate self-color presents with Tan or Cream points. similar to the Black self-color described above. The chocolate should be a rich brown color.


Cream exists as both Shaded Cream and ee Cream. Both are recognized as Long Coat. Shaded cream dogs are primarily cream-colored and lighten as they reach adulthood. but retain a touch of blaék in their coats. The amount of bla& can vary quite a bit from dog to dog and may result in a golden color or light with dark highlights.
One of the rarer colors is ee Cream. The “ee” is a genetic marker that leaves few or no black hairs. giving them a much blonder overall.


Red is another original color of Dachshund. It can range in intensity from light red to rich red to an almost brown color. Red dogs do not typically have points.

Dilute: Blue & Isabella

Dilute Dachshunds can present in two colors. Blue and Isabella. Blue is the dilute version of Black, and Isabella is a dilute Chocolate. Isabella dogs are overall lighter than blue dogs. On some dogs. dilute areas of the coat may be thinner than Other areas.