About Us

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Our Brand New Facility is under construction, and I can’t wait to show it off! Keep watch as I update pictures, and eventually, I will have a video tour. I believe in Honesty, Transparency, and Integrity. I want everyone to see where my dogs live and play and where Your New Family Member will start his or her life.

Passionate Commitment to Quality Doxie Care

Raising Dachshunds with Heart and Heritage

We have 25-plus years of breeding experience. Our beautiful Doxies and their puppies are treasured members of our family. Our adults spend their days in a specially designed, temperature controlled indoor/outdoor community”dog house”, when they are not in the attached main house with us.

We believe in providing Top Quality Food as well as Routine Veterinary Care and of course Lots of Love! All of our adults receive Bravecto as well as Interceptor Plus monthly. Our Doxies Health and Happiness is our Priority!

We have worked very hard to obtain some of the BEST LINEAGE in Miniature Dachshunds available, Nationally and Internationally. We are very Grateful to all those Breeders that have entrusted us with their hard work.

Where Adults/Parents house, live, and play.

Where Mamas/Babies house, live, and play.

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Elevating Dachshund Lineages with Integrity

All breedings are done with one thought in mind, Bettering the Breed, not just produce puppies. Our emphasis is on Quality, NOT Quantity! Here at Daisy-Hill, there is a paper trail provided for every Dog/Puppy. We NEVER breed an unregistered dog (background or pedigree cannot be proven) or a dog without 3 to 4 Major Genetic Tests done (please see Doxie Testing Page for details). We DO NOT SELL our precious babies to Pet Stores, Pet Brokers and anyone else with resale in mind.

We believe STRONGLY in SPAY and NEUTER!
ALL Daisy-Hill babies are expected to be
Spayed or Neutered by 8 months of age,

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